Park and pay quickly and easily!


How to start? Get the sticker!

How to get it?

You can order the sticker at our website or find places like parkings, newsstands where you can get it for free.

You can choose your favorite color of the sticker!

Mobile App

The mobile App allows you to find free place at the parking in a chosen area. You can check the number of available places, check prices and turn on navigation to the parking.

What’s more?

  • add your credit card, 
  • check your history, 
  • check your bills, 
  • change your account information,
  • print invoices,
  • add an opinion about the parking. 

Chose your preferences

You can find a parking near you or in a chosen area. Choose the type of parking like underground or ground parking, protected or unprotected etc.

Now you know where you are going

App will guide you to the selected parking. You can turn off sound etc. 

Get more info

Now you can read more information about the selected parking like full address, price, opinions of other users, type of parking, protection and payment model.

Fast payment

You can add your payment card to your account. Now you don’t need coins to pay.

Now you remember everything

You can check when you were here or how much time you spent in beauty salon… 

If you have a business trip, you can generate an invoice.

Everybody likes promotions!

Special coupons, promotions, discounts – you can find all of them in the app.

Keep in touch all the time…

Thanks to the notifications you will know how many hours your car has already been at the parking and when the next hour will begin.

Start using now!



Download application

Download the application: iOS or Android, or use parts of the system using a website.



Create an account

Create an account, fill out a simple and quick form. If you do not have a sticker enter your shipping information or check where you can pick it up. Find parking according to your needs.


Enjoy your free time

Now, you are in front of the parking. The gate open automatically. When you leave the parking, the fee will be charge from your credit card. At the end you can rate the parking.

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Informujemy, że termin składania ofert w odpowiedzi na Zapytanie Ofertowe nr 1 z dn. 21.11.2017 został przedłużony do dnia 06.12.2017 roku.


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